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by Jacques More

Here are the contents from pages 13–15 of Deleting ELECT in the Bible.
The connection with the Bible Society is placed in bold within the text.

"How did I get here?
In the Nineties [in 1994 or 1995] I first read God's Strategy in Human History by Roger T. Forster and V. Paul Marston (published by Highland Books 1989). I read (pages 130 and 143) that EKLEKTOS was used in the LXX
[in the Septuagint (denoted by LXX)] where the Heb. [The Hebrew] was rendered as "choice silver" (Proverbs 8:19). Now, since EKLEKTOS was only (presently) translated as "chosen" or "elect" in the NT [in the New Testament], I thought this could be significant and wanted to check this out for myself. I called my friend Dave Lock who managed Manna Christian Centre in Streatham, London, and I asked whether he could get me a copy of the LXX. He mentioned that he had a copy that had been ordered, but was never paid for or collected. And, would I like a concordance to go with that?!
It just "happened" that he had a LXX as well as a concordance of Gk. words
[Greek words] to be found in the LXX. Terrific!

My first study of this made me see that this rendering of EKLEKTOS in Proverbs 8:19 was accurate. It indeed stood there for quality silver. I also quickly found by using the concordance of the LXX that this high quality idea was the most common use for EKLEKTOS and identified it as such for an undisputed 52 times3.

Publishing this information as a booklet in 2002 I took care to openly show every place where the word was found in the LXX and compare it with how the Hebrew word, from which it came, was equally given in the KJV. The Bible Society purchased a number of copies. The booklet is out of print, but in 2009 I reproduced all the contents of the booklet as an appendix in my book So you think you're chosen? – a comprehensive response to Calvinism. Since all this work covered all the places where EKLEKTOS was in the LXX and how its Heb. counterpart was translated by the KJV, it thereby included all the other renderings different from a high quality idea (as at 1st glance): i.e. The 52 undisputed connection with "quality" as well as the 23 connected with the KJV "chosen" type: all out of the 753 directly translated from the Heb. words.

To address the apparent "chosen" idea within the next study of this, in my book SERIOUS (see end folio abbreviation list
[it stands for: Serious Mistranslations of the bible]), I highlighted the different Gk. words for "chosen" and the verb "to choose" and also added a further analysis to help show EKLEKTOS should not also be represented by "chosen". This further analysis was not however, also backed up and thus demonstrated fully, by a comprehensive body of source work to help show all the reality of the disconnection from "chosen" or "to choose". This current work does [i.e. Deleting ELECT in the Bible]. Here is an exhaustive look at all places of every Heb. word, which was identified as translated by EKLEKTOS in the LXX.

So that, this assembly of words is 85% reference material and only 15% of introduction, analysis and arguments. The 85% taken up by the reference section, as I call it, is over half commentary and literal word for word translation work of the LXX Gk. text. That means overall the book is less than 50% a direct quoting of various bible versions as follows: the LXX text in Gk, a full translation of that and the Heb. rendered by up to 6 Eng. bible versions with the KJV and the YLT the main versions and these sometimes joined by the NKJV, NASB, NIV and NLT.

The Eng. bible versions serve as an independent verification element and is necessary to validate the discovery and observation of meaning sought out of the LXX.

3As you read on you will see 52 out of 75 is now corrected to 51 out of a 74 total cf. the Analysis

Then, on the publication of Deleting ELECT in the bible a copy was sent to The acting CEO of the Bible Society Paul Woolley on the 26th November 2015. His reply in a letter did not indicate that the work was going to be passed on to scholars to evaluate or any such referral. I then contacted the then President of the Bible Society who was also the Bishop of London at the time (now retired): I mention all this in my other page about Verification. That includes a link to the last letter from the Bishop.

I mention on that web page how I contacted the main editor and review editor of the journal THE BIBLE TRANSLATOR.

Having received no reply to those contact attempts, I contacted Roberto Mastrorilli, Head of Commercial Sales of SAGE Publishing - The Bible Translator Publisher. I was informed there is only 1 type of advert possible: a full page black and white. So I booked a full page for the April 2017 issue. I prepared the ad artwork for the page and sent it in good time. Mr Mastrollili then telephoned me days prior to going to print and said that the main editor had refused the ad. No explanation was given.

So I can say that I have made reasonable attempts at informing the world's bible translators/scholars and Bible Societies [all alleged recipients of The Bible Translator] in regards to the work on EKLEKTOS and that responsibility thus fulfilled, I am conscience free to fully promote Deleting ELECT in the Bible to the Church and world at large.

To this end I advertised the full (back) page in the October 2017 issue of Premier Christianity magazine.
Here is the Ad used(links to pdf of Ad with no copyright):

© copyright Jacques More 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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