How to check it all out for yourself

The passage where the word EKLEKTOS is to be found is seen from the list for that word in the Concordance of the Septuagint (LXX). Here's A link to the image of the relevant list.

Once EKLEKTOS is seen in that verse in the LXX from any of the LXX links in the CHECK IT OUT page, like this one for example, the corresponding passage in the English bible translated from the Hebrew is to be identified in another window or hand held bible. Which verse in the LXX corresponds with the one in the English?
Most verses have the same numbering; some do not.

The parallel verse then identified, next the word EKLEKTOS is seen to translate in the English (Eng.) version needs locating. Once that is done the KJV translation version of that word next identified, if the KJV is not already used for location, then will enable full use of the Young’s and Strong’s concordances: these are also accessible from the CHECK IT OUT page. Here is STRONG.

In Strong find out which Hebrew (Heb.) word that English (Eng.) word translates as that is the word represented by EKLEKTOS.

You now have your first full example of what EKLEKTOS is rendering.

Repeat the process for all the 89 examples that Morrish’s Concordance of Greek (Gk.) words in the LXX.

This will then identify all the 24 Heb. words rendered by EKLEKTOS. It will also show up all the places the LXX is not directly translating from a Heb. word (10) and all places (6) where the word is missing in the version of the LXX being looked at. One place where EPILEKTOS is found instead of EKLEKTOS (1) will also be seen.
This leaves you with 72 places where EKLEKTOS renders the 24 Heb words you have discovered.

I found 2 more due to the LXX used for checking differing to Morrish’s [see intro on the EKLEKTOS list page], so a total of 74 translates Heb words directly.

This provides you with a rough view of the main meaning of EKLEKTOS, that of "high quality" as well as the remaining 23 from the 74 which appears to possibly be about being "chosen".

With Strong used then find all the passages where the 24 Hebrew words are located in the Old Testament (OT). This is 594 places.

You can then check out the other Gk. words the Heb. ones are translated by in the LXX.

An analysis of these will reveal that the "chosen" occasions are not a view of someone having decided, but of the person or item in view, as being highly desirable, of high quality: i.e. TO BE CHOSEN: excellent.
[e.g. the Gk. word NEANISKOS is used exactly in the same way.]

The Gk words extensively used for "to choose" and "chosen" can also be thus identified: EKLEGÓ, EPILEGÓ, etc.
Thus with the Gk word list for EPILEKTOS also looked at, you can then see that both EPILEKTOS and EKLEKTOS are in a different family group of Gk words than EKLEGÓ and EPILEGÓ.

All the above considered, with BACHIR seen as only translated by EKLEKTOS - the only Heb. word from which "elect" is given in the Eng. OT - it is incongruous to think that, for the Gk readers of the OT and New Testament (NT) documents only, during the beginning 3-400 years of the Church, could read "chosen" or derivatives of that like "elect" or "selected" as the meaning for EKLEKTOS in all the passages translating BACHIR.

Since "elect" in the Eng. bible only comes from EKLEKTOS in the NT and BACHIR in the OT, it follows "elect" needs replacing with "excellent" or its derivatives: e.g. in Matthew 22:14 where Jesus says "many are called, few EKLEKTOS" my translation is "many are called, few have mettle" JM

In Deleting ELECT in the bible you will find all 594 places where the 24 Hebrew words occur.
Each one of those given with a word for word/s interlinear translation of the LXX Greek text so the reader can quickly see this is the right verse to look at and also speedily recognise the word looked for.
All the research already done and fully presented at your fingertips for you to see for yourself: full proof "elect" is not fit to be used in the bible.

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