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in Septuagint

by Jacques More

The list of the placements of the Greek word EKLEKTOS in the Septuagint (LXX) according to George Morrish's (1814-1911) Concordance of the LXX.

Morrish wrote in his initial pages:
"As the modern [written late 19th century] printed editions of the Septuagint are not quite uniform, and vary a great deal in marking the chapters and verses, it was necessary to follow some one Edition: that of Tischendorf (in two vols. 8vo. Leipsic) has been adopted. The Sixth Edition, 1880, has been used."

Tischendorf (1815-1874) did a lot of work on textual criticism: the study of source texts. His version of the LXX differs in arrangement from the version translated by Sir Lancelot and in 6 places the word is missing. Sir Lancelot's version as published by Samuel Bagster is the most readily available version from the British Library and currently Hendrickson Publishers. It is the version of the LXX used in my own study.

The 6 places where EKLEKTOS is missing in the "Lancelot version" are: 1 Kings 4:23 [the concordance has 3 places: only 2 were found in this place]; 2 Kings 3:19; ; Psalm 88:4; Jeremiah 32:20; Ezekiel 27:22; Haggai 2:22

The online Concordance of the LXX by E. Hatch and H.A. Redpath (see the CHECK page) also provides references for the apocryphal books the LXX contains and the page for EKLEKTOS is here.

For an immediate expansion of the above list out of the exhaustive 544 page Deleting ELECT in the Bible (copyrighted material) here are 3 relevant pages showing the Hebrew word being translated (where relevant) and the word given for those Hebrew words in the KJV plus other information all explained in the book:

Pages 35-37

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