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20th November 2012:


by Jacques More

Typing 26 November 2012:
Following the vote last week on Tuesday 20th November in the Church of England Synod not to have women bishops (yet), the following morning I called Colin Blakely the Editor of the Church of England Newspaper.

I hoped that the "same space" as previously used to advertise in the weekly paper was available for Friday last. In November and December 2010 I advertised on the bottom of the front page for 3 weeks in a row. Colin told me the space was there, but though my intent was for the front page as before, Colin understood only the bottom of any page, since we discussed how much space that meant and, it appears, it did not occur to either of us to specify explicitly the front page in our telephone conversation.

Due to the artwork going to the printers that morning, I needed to make the ad available by 10AM Colin said. As I set my artwork guy to prepare the ad, I also emailed the CofEN artwork to print man, to alert him of my coming ad for the front page. He gave me till 10:30AM as the final cut off time between us. We managed it. I called the paper again to confirm everything, only to find it was being put in the 3rd page. I refused to have it placed there - not least due to the express mention in the ad of where the ad was being placed - and so, by a mistake of communication, the ad below nearly made it in last Friday's front page of the Church of England's Newspaper:

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Scheduled for 23 November 2012
As mentioned above, this was not published.

As published 28th November 2010

As published 3rd December 2010

As published 10th December 2010

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