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An Autobiographical look at How Deception Operates


It is everywhere

It is in the Church too

How do you recognise it?

How do you overcome it?

A true story followed by good bible discussion to solidly
See the reality of the regular deception challenge.

What are the tell tale fruits?

ISBN 9781898158295


112 page paperback

"I was now being given a when . . . The 23rd was the date . . . This was going to be the glorious day! The day of meeting my Lord and being with Him forever! The end of my toil . . . So . . . I made not a few trips to the tip and began to get rid of all I owned or had kept that was superfluous . . . I began to share of this great news coming up on the 23rd with everyone at work . . . (Ezekiel 2:5) 'they will know that a prophet has been among them was repeated in my head . . . It was another one of those verses that just 'happened' for my eyes to have fallen on as I just 'happened' to open up my bible to that section of text. Like the other 'affirming texts' I'd been getting."

Jacques More

The autobiographical story:
Spring 1982 saw the last meeting of the (old) fellowship at Dunton Green Village Hall. It never met again. Many have not gone on to be part of a church since. But, on that day I learned that we had all been under deception, a deception I had thought was just my issue in the preceding months...

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