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This is a different look at the bible evidence on the topic of women in church leadership. The reality that deception exists and affects women differently than men is identified as Paul's primary cause for his statements on the subject. Since that truth alone is so little covered by previous work on this topic, a good time is spent to provide ample evidence for this. Then, in the research for sharing this truth in a book, it was discovered the Greek for two of the vital passages on this situation was in fact mistranslated. This led to separate chapters for each of those passages and appendices to back up what has been missed by bible translators. The stage then reset, a context of the day for the early church included, then a reasonable picture emerges that there is a full role for women in leadership.

It must be remembered I did not go looking to write this, but truly believe the Lord put it on my plate to do, after setting me up to learn the above. When I had first looked at this topic, I concluded it was a reasonable position to advocate male leadership only. Then, the Lord comes along, puts the subject back in front of me and proceeds to teach me a way through the Scripture without by-passing the Pauline texts. It was a revelation and I turned around. This book explains what is needful to retain the authority of the Scripture and see a full role for women in leadership.

Jacques More

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